Farms and Distilleries


By knowing the exact source of our oils, we can be confident that they are 100% pure, natural, certified organic and unadulterated. We manage and control the full process, from seedlings to growing the crops to harvesting to the distillation of the oil, on our many farms across the South Africa. We are able to offer our clients a reliable supply of consistent and high quality oil and hydrosols from our modern distillation facilities.



Our citrus oils are cold pressed to extract the aromatic compounds (essential oil) from the fruit.  No external heat is used to expel the oil.

Our other products are steam distilled. We use steam distillation to extract aromatic compounds (essential oil) from a plant. During the steam distillation process, steam passes through the plant material. The essential oil rises to the top and is separated from the hydrosol (floral water) and collected. Should hydrosol be required, it too is collected and packaged separately.

We operate 8 distilleries with over 2,340 hectares of crop cultivated to essential oils and we are growing this area every year.

Our state of the art distillation facilities are constructed from food grade stainless steel. This helps prevent contamination and ensures the volatile organic essential oils maintain their therapeutic qualities by not reacting with the distillation equipment itself.

Processing Operations:

  • We adhere to strict manufacturing standards
  • We have various quality management systems in place to ensure quality control and consistency in the standard of our product
  • Our standard operating procedures are in line with International management and quality standards

Our oil is supplied in either 25L, 210L or 1000L fluorinated HDPE UN approved containers, all our containers are food grade certified.

We are strategically located within one hour from a sea port, as well King Shaka International airport (Durban), facilitating fast and efficient trade. All our products can be exported in bulk from our farm warehouse in South Africa, to anywhere in the world.