Eco Sustainability and Social

Manufacturing a high-quality product takes time, skill and discipline. Our passion is in both the growing and extraction processes, we are committed to extracting and growing these aromatic plants with as little environmental impact as possible. To this end, the following measures have been implemented:

  • The availability of waste wood off our neighboring FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified plantations, created an opportunity to improve the sustainability of our processing facilities. In 2014 some of our farmers converted their boilers from burning fossil fuels to wood fired boilers.
  • One of our distillation units runs on methane gas produced from a state of the art bio-digester that runs on waste material
  • In all our plantations, waste material from the distillation process is returned to the field as a mulch ensuring zero wastage, also assisting with erosion control, pest control and weed control.

….And we continue to grow and improve on our sustainable footprint.

In rural South Africa, jobs are vital to the sustainability of Communities, to this end we employ over 4,225 people on our farms and factories. Farm employees support approximately 21,130 dependents. Over 25,350 people are favorably impacted by partnering with SOiL!

We are constantly exploring means to expand our reach into the communities we support. We have always complied with the stringent employment CSR and OHS laws in South Africa and operate through an ethical Code of Conduct.

We assist a number of community projects in our area, from Early Learning, Orphan support to community farmer support by sourcing seedlings, providing information on growing, distillation and marketing services.