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For SOiL, organic is not just a certification that is required — it is a way of life, of farming and of doing business. We recognize that word-of-mouth is a very important part of growing the SOiL community. Help us to spread the word and generate income for all your referrals.  Our program highlights:

  • Earn 25% commission for your referral orders.
  • You can use your own referral link for your personal purchases....get 25% cash back for your purchases!
  • No MLM, pyramid type commission structure. You earn commissions on your referral sales and nobody else. 
  • No minimum annual spend required. 
  • Purchase the General Starter Kit for $74 ($99 value). This includes a product from each of our categories and will be a great way to introduce the SOiL products to others.
  • We will email you a comprehensive guide detailing our company information and product information. 

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